Business Travel

As a specialist for Business Travel we have committed ourselves to offering you more than just someone who issues you tickets and books your hotel. As advisors and experts, we use all the possibilities of modern technology and combine these to benefit your needs. Through creative ticketing we can achieve high price advantages and make you an offer which you would not normally find on the Internet.

Flying from a different airport than originally planned can save you up to 60%, additionally you may collect on valuable bonus miles. Due to our lack of multiple managers and sub-mangers, we can quickly and competently find an answer to any challenge.

EMPORIUM TRAVEL is an independent agency and is therefore not subject to the whims of a central corporation. This flexibility allows us to negotiate custom contracts with hotels and airlines, and can pass the savings gained by those rates on to you.

EMPORIUM TRAVEL serves many companies who, on their own could not receive special conditions from airlines. However, together the different companies generate enough sales allowing us to obtain special conditions on their behalf.