Emporium Travel's Imperial-Club

Luxury is not always luxury

The EMPORIUM TRAVEL IMPERIAL-CLUB is directed towards clients who love and appreciate the extraordinary:

A luxury suite, a personal butler, or perhaps a dinner at 3 in the morning?

When money is no object during the planning of a vacation, the demands are that much more sophisticated. Many assume, when premium clients vacation, that the offer has to be as wasteful and opulent as possible. Most tour operators pamper their wealthy clients with everything possible, yet we keep finding that these offers often do not meet the needs of these top clients.

What counts is the memorable experience

“Luxury is not only defined by the price, especially important are the non material factors.”

For example, those who chose to stay in a lodge of the Singita Hotel group, make a conscious decision to support the Singita philosophy and feel a connection towards the development initiatives and the people who are supported by them.

The IMPERIAL-CLUB offers more service than what you would expect from a “normal” travel agency:

Rent a Villa on St. Barth with or without a staff, or savor the peace and quiet of Sir Richard Branson's Neckar Island, which you can book for about 42,500 USD per night.

If not traveling with your own aircraft, we can arrange to charter an airplane or offer a combination of regularly scheduled flights with a private charter.

Our IMPERIAL-CLUB is only open to members.

How to become a member

  • two letters of recommendations from existing IMPERIAL-CLUB members
  • a one time membership fee of EUR 500

As discretion is of the utmost importance, members can reach our club on an unpublished service hot line.