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The EMPORIUM TRAVEL team is composed of a group of travel experts who have worked together for many years.
Every member brings their geographical knowledge and personal travel preferences to the table and treats every trip as their own.

EMPORIUM TRAVEL is not only a travel agency, but also a tour operator.
We use not only well known package tour operators and their rates, but also create individual tailor made  offers together with our numerous foreign partner agencies.
This way we can offer you almost any hotel and every service in all parts of the world at fair market prices.

We do not offer this service to only our customers, but also to other travel agencies, for which we book flights and hotels.
As a corporate or private client you can book directly with us or an agency of your choice.

We are committed in giving you our best performance.
The high expectation of our client base is both our benchmark and ambition.
Today, products are interchangeable, therefore is exceptional service an exceedingly important part of business.

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Our agency is a place for achievement oriented, career minded and enterprising people, who are allowed a lot of latitude in order to develop a creative solution. Fun at work and a sense of achievement motivate us every day anew.

The personal development our co-workers and the growth our partners is very important to us. Our vision of a harmonious relationship between clients, partners, and colleagues allow us to respect one another, keeping in mind that a little creative pressure can be beneficial.

The constant challenge on every co-worker to be enterprising and expand their abilities, allows us achieve our lofty goals. The daily learning curve in our agency demands high levels of commitment and innovation. We seek individual and creative solutions for you.

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Travel Deluxe - our special websites for unforgattable experiences

For hundreds of years people have been drawn to the beauties of the Earth. In today’s modern world, where time is short, correct planning is of the essence.

An unforgettable travel experience at the highest standard especially organized for you – EMPORIUM TRAVEL offers custom tailored premium travel!

Please also check our Deluxe Websites.

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